Candidates: November 2, 2021

Glenn Youngkin


Winsome Sears

Lieutenant Governor

Jason Miyares

Attorney General

Amanda Batten

Delegate 96th District

Jordan Gray

Delegate 93rd District

A.C. Cordoza

Delegate 91st District

Rob Bloxom

Delegate 100th District

Barry Knight

Delegate 81st District

Anne Tata

Delegate 82nd District

Tim Anderson

Delegate 83rd District

Glenn Davis

Delegate 84th District

Karen Greenhalgh

Delegate 85th District

Sylvia Bryant

Delegate 90th District

Hahns Copeland

Delegate 89th District

Welcome to Virginia’s 2nd District

The 2nd Congressional District Republican Committee is comprised of Republican leaders from all across Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District. The primary purpose of the committee is to recruit and elect a Republican member to the United States House of Representatives from the 2nd District.

In addition to our primary duty, the 2nd Congressional District Committee assists in recruiting and supporting Republican candidates for the Virginia General Assembly, statewide offices, and other partisan elected positions. The Committee is headed up by a chairman, who is normally elected at the even-year, biennial district convention.

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